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We know our clients are unique with large capital investments and intricate projects. Whether we are constructing an entire plant, or managing a maintenance program, we are dedicated to being on budget, being on schedule, and providing a safe environment.

Electrical Services:

Electrical Engineering


Line Work

Service Department


We offer sales and service on numerous compressor lines including Champion & Quincy which are some of the largest compressor brands available.

Drive Motors

We offer drive motors for your various projects. We calculate the perfect motor for any job of any size. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


We have one of the largest pump line ups in the area and offer sales and service for all of them. We know that each job has a different requirement for a pump so let one of our engineers pick the perfect pump for the job.

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We are ready to serve you with our proven team of sales, support, electricians & engineers. We are up for the task and can’t wait to meet you.